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CSR Program

We have been building programs that are based on the company's vision, mission and strategy. We have set them up to meet the needs of the communities, including infrastructure, competency improvement and service improvement. We conducted social mapping and discussions with community leaders to acknowledge their needs, which we try to fulfill through the following programs.

Educational Program

Our educational programs aim to create easy access to educational facilities as a way to increase the number of student graduations and thus creating an awareness of education importance among the communities.


  • School building constructions: Pendarawah Elementary School, Sakakarangan Elementary School and Public Middle School No. 4.
  • Tumbang Mamput Smart House construction
  • Pendarawah Smart House construction
  • Tumbang Mamput Elementary School construction

Competency Improvement

  • Active learning training for teachers, motivation training for teachers, professional training for teachers
  • Training for youth
  • Basic agricultural training for citizens
  • Catfish cultivation training for residents

Education Service Program

  • AKU PINTAR (I am Smart) program
  • Green schools
  • School supplies support for students
  • Honoraria support for teachers, top students appreciation, youth scout programs
  • Quran study programs, Sunday school programs

Health Program

Our health programs focus on the ease of access to health facilities and services among the communities.


  • 137 clean water wells development
  • Barunang Village’s health post construction
  • Clean water facilities development in the form of five deep-drilled wells
  • Schools’ handwashing facilities development

Competency Improvement

  • Cadre training
  • Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors campaign
  • Operational support for village medical teams

Health Care Program

  • Free medical Treatment
  • Posyandu (integrated service post)
  • Supplementary nutrition for students
  • Mass circumcisions

Economic Program

Our economic programs aim to create economic independence thus increasing the communities’ standard of living.


  • Taraku Mandiri Cooperative building construction
  • Establishment of business centers
  • Warehouse provision and management

Competency Improvement

  • Cadre training
  • Integrated agricultural systems training
  • Business management training for Taraku Mandiri Cooperative
  • Aquaculture and agriculture Programs

Economic Services

  • Integrated farming system assistance
  • Marketing assistance for start-up small businesses
  • Initial financing for small businesses facilitation

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