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Established on September 11, 1993, PT Asmin Bara Bronang (ABB) signed a third-generation a third-generation coal contract with the Indonesian government (PKP2B) on May 31, 1999, to develop a coal concession in Central Kalimantan.

With a total area of 24,980 hectares, ABB’s mining site is located in Kapuas and Murung Raya Regency, Central Kalimantan, and consisting of 3 mining blocks: Mamput, Bekanon and Merangun.

ABB brands its products as an A-Plus Coal, globally renowned as a premium quality coal with its high calorific value of CV GAR 6,500 kcal/kg. With coal production reached around 5 Mio tons and sales reached 4.6 Mio tons in 2019, we consistently deliver superior quality and on-time deliveries as our commitment.

The low sulfur content and high AFT value (>1,500ºC) of our A-Plus Coal contribute to the use of environmental-friendly coals, as well as offer cost-efficiency benefits to our esteemed customers. ABB’s product specifications are as follows.

PT Asmin Bara Bronang
Head Office

Pamapersada II Building, 3rd Floor
Rawagelam I No.9, JIEP
East Jakarta 13930 – Indonesia

Phone: (62-21) 29832091 ext. 143
Fax: (62-21) 6512058


Barunang Village, Sub-district of Central Kapuas,
Kapuas, Central Kalimantan

Head Office

Pamapersada II Building, 3rd Floor
Rawagelam I No.9, JIEP, East Jakarta 13930 - Indonesia

T +62 21 - 2983 2091 / 2983 2093
F +62 21 - 2983 2092